Leadership Level Consulting

Leadership Level Consulting

Leadership consulting is a holistic way of looking at the leadership capacity in your organisation to maximise its alignment with business goals and turn it into your ultimate advantage.

In a fast-paced, ever-evolving business landscape, having top talent isn't enough: today's leaders must be able to adapt to changing strategies, priorities, and ways of working to ensure that their organisations can continue to stay ahead. In fact, our research shows that leaders who are able to employ the principles we've identified for peak performance in this environment are four times more effective than their counterparts who don't. With this in mind, organisations need to ensure that their leaders continue to develop the skills that allow them to embrace uncertainty, tackle tough challenges, and seize the opportunities that can help them accelerate performance and set their organisations apart from the rest.

Leadership Level Consulting

Our extensive work placing talent at the board and executive levels of the world's premier organisations gives us a unique perspective into the skills leaders need to accelerate their performance. We've worked with many organisations to ensure that they don't just have the right leaders in place but that these leaders have what it takes to accelerate performance, effect transformative change, and boldly create the future they envision.

How does it Benefit & Why Worthwhile

Case Study

This is an example of outcomes achieved by one of our clients after successfully delivering this service.

A regional office of a construction services company was experiencing a leadership crisis. The productivity and the profitability of the office were not meeting goal. Complaints about the two leaders' interpersonal style and the office culture had reached the level that the CEO and the VP of HR were concerned about legal exposure. It was critical that the company's corporate leaders demonstrate their responsiveness to the concerns they were hearing. If the office could not become more financially profitable and less tumultuous, the company was considering shutting it down.

Hadramout Consulting Home (HCH) provided a consultant who visited the office together with the CEO. They spent a day interviewing the leaders and their team members. GGC also administered a confidential, on-line 360 survey to assess the leaders' effectiveness. That assessment process identified key concerns, and the CEO decided to provide six months of individual coaching to the two leaders, with the clear understanding that their tenure in that leadership role depended on their demonstrating improvement in several clearly defined leadership competencies.

Each leader met with his own coach monthly. In addition, the two leaders and the two coaches met together monthly to discuss leadership alignment and office culture issues. The coaching was tightly focused on the identified leadership gaps.

A second online 360 Feedback Survey was administered several months after the termination of coaching to measure progress. Both leaders showed improvement on every item in the survey, with significant improvements in the areas of leader involvement and accessibility, fostering an atmosphere of respect, holding themselves accountable, delegating effectively, thinking proactively, and establishing rapport with others in the office. In addition, the productivity and profitability of the office surpassed goal and staff turnover decreased. The two leaders remained in their roles and took on additional responsibilities at the national level. The office remained open.

Before: Problems Average / Month
After: Problems Average / Month
Before: Productivity
After: Productivity

Customers Rate:

  • Clarity, focus and direction.
  • Drive and impetus.
  • A better understanding of current business.
  • Improve required leadership skills to lead teams..
  • Support leaders to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset to work globally.
  • Develop relationships underpinned by an appreciation of cultural variance.
  • Response to different cultures, beliefs and ways of working.

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