Functional Level Consulting

Functional Level Consulting

Functional consulting is a specific consulting service that used to develop or enhance the performance of a specific business area (functional section) such as financial department, Human resources department, project management office ...etc.

Functional consulting is requested normally to support Functional strategies, which are derived from the tactical strategies.

To make it easy to understand, each functional area or department is assigned the specific goals and objectives it must achieve to support the higher-level strategies and planning. Functional strategies specify outcomes to be achieved from the daily operations of specific departments or functions. Functional strategies reflect that strategic and tactical objectives typically require the involvement of multiple functional areas, such as departments, divisions, and branches. Thus, the tactical plan is divided into the tasks and objectives of each functional area.

For example, the functional strategy for the marketing department in support of the business' goal to increase market share is likely to include identification of new market segments, brand identification programs, and others. Additionally, the production function may be assigned a reduced rejection rate for the product in question.

Leadership Level Consulting

How does it Benefit & Why Worthwhile

Case Study

This is an example of outcomes achieved by one of our clients after successfully delivering this service.

OutsourcingX Co. had a good marketing strategy but lacked focus in their marketing efforts.

OutsourcingX Co. was having extensive issues with its labor force in terms of employee satisfaction, loyalty, retention, productivity and rules compliance. Company wanted to gain a better oversight of day to day activities.

1- Revenues growth was slower than expected.
2- Inability to retain staff made staffing projects difficult and made growth impossible.

Actions Taken: Hadramout Consulting Home (HCH) reviewed composition of current staff roles and skills. Interviewed a cross-section of employees across all positions and skill levels. Analyzed wage rates. Developed families of position descriptions tied directly to skill levels and wage rate ranges for each position. Led a process to assign each existing employee to an appropriate job description. Introduced a new employee performance review process and forms. Made recommendations for pay adjustments to ensure staff was paid for performance and skill level attainment. Recommended changes to the hiring process. Developed a new set of company rules which used graduated penalties to provide consequences for rule breaking and introduced a bonus tied to good behaviors. Developed a process to identify high potential employees. Developed formal training programs to develop and enhance skills. Developed a technology plan to be able to automate many functions of field workers, to improve communication with the home office and to be able to better manage field activities.

The OutsourcingX Co. was able to align employee success to their own success thereby putting them on a path to improve employee retention and increase hiring success. Technology improvements permitted better control of operations and better communications with the teams in the field.

Customers Rate:

  • Clarity, business processes.
  • Simplify business governance.
  • Reduce the busienss conflicts.
  • Improve operation harmony.
  • Reduse Costs.

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